We protect and advocate our clients' interests in high-exposure, "bet-the-business" disputes involving Breach of Contract Claims, Intellectual Property, Business Torts, Shareholder & Partner Disputes, as well as Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment Claims.  



We protect the rights of lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses, and other licensed professionals who face licensing sanctions upon allegations of unethical or illegal conduct. We can handle all components of your license defense: from the initial investigation and complaint, to case preparation and hearings, to presentations before your professional board. We can also challenge board actions in court.  

We also assist clients in all aspects of criminal cases and appear in both state and federal courts for the following charges: Assault, Kidnapping, Burglary, Robbery, Rape, and Murder; Embezzlement, Extortion, Wire Fraud and Credit Card Fraud; Drug and Narcotic Violations, Weapons Law Violations.