At ZAMORA LAW, we work closely with professional athletes, entertainers, musicians, and influencers: their needs range from simple to complex. Serving in both an advisory and legal capacity, we have worked with professionals from the NFL, NBA, UFC, NASCAR, and MLS. We have also represented Grammy-award winning artists and producers. 

Whether we are analyzing a business investment, negotiating a civil settlement, defending an extortion attempt, resolving a family crisis, or settling intellectual property claims, we understand the importance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality, as well as the need to safeguard sensitive information.   

Our firm recognizes the unique issues presented by operating in these specialized industries - including the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships. While we primarily work on behalf of the professional, we are especially proud of the work that we have done to protect victims of the like. In fact, many adversaries who have had to defend cases brought by ZAMORA LAW on behalf of victims have been so impressed with our work that they hire us the next time around.